Online Admission

It is an obligatory for admission in any course of RYCSM through online basis through our RYCSM Portal, and the processing of admission will be looked after by the RYCSM authorized person of study center.

Submission of Application Forms

After completion through online admission, Photo copy of all the required documents (duly Attested) and payment for Student Registration Fees are to be submitted within seven days to RYCSM Head office, it is the responsibility of authorized person of study center. Then Student will get the Registration Number after that Identification card (ID-Card), Study Materials, Pen, Exercise Book will be issued to all the registered students through the study centre at the beginning of the course Students can collect their Study Materials , ID Card, Pen, Exercise Book from RYCSM study center.

Certificate Course

These courses have been specifically prepared to suit the current requirements of the IT Industry. The Certificate course is specially for the beginners who want to build their careers in computers. RYCSM has presented this course at the nominal fee so that each and every section of the society can easily afford to learn the basics of computers & get benefitted without any fee barriers.

Diploma Course

To make a new breed of computer professionals RYCSM has designed its diploma courses. These courses has been presented to meet the requirements of IT industry in which Internet Programming, Advanced Programming, Accountancy, Desk Top Publishing are being covered. Students can get benefitted from a well designed course curriculum that matches the current industry needs and emerges as a well equipped IT professional.

Admit Card

After registration student can avail classes in our study centers, after their completion of courses they will also be able to collect their Admit Card from our RYCSM Portal and it will be valid when the signature and stamp of the authorized person of RYCSM will be shown on it and signature of the candidate will be there also.


The examination will be held four times a year by the authorized study centre Practical and also theoretical. The Question and Answer sheet will be supplied from RYCSM Head Office.


Mark sheet and Certificate will be dispatched within 30-45 days of receiving answer booklet of the students at the H.O.

Certificate & Mark Sheet

Certificate and Diploma will be awarded by RYCSM only after the successful completion of the course which will be valid for employment all over India.

Verifying Certificate & Mark sheet

Student can search the Mark Sheet and Certificate from our RYCSM Portal by putting their Admit Card Number.


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